xAPI: An organisational game changer

If you think xAPI is a pain because it needs an LRS, think again.

Stop limiting your imagination and think of the bigger picture.

Imagine, your a small (even individually owned and operated) company doing what you’re doing today. Now imagine being able to harness the power of large organizations that have massive budgets. You can do this, your not to small and your budget is not to limited.

Even an individual entrepreneur can look really BIG on the web!

Take a look at this WordCamp Montreal 2018 presentation I had given. It was so important to WordPress (Automattic) and Matt Mulenwig (the CEO of WordPress) that they sent their Sensei (the LMS that Automattic built and sells) Product Manager to my presentation.

Their Product Manager and I had a long discussion about WordPress, xAPI and systems integration; how xAPI can be used throughout the life-cycle of, and scale with a company.

This is an animated presentation. Rather than clicking on slide arrows, click your mouse inside the presentation for details.

When you use an LRS at the heart of your web-presence and organizational tool-kit, you open the door to share and use data throughout while maintaining a standardized and easily integrated solution.