Are we driving the learning industry?

Are we, the freelancers driving the learning industry, or are the product vendors and manufactures?

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How often have your tried to report something from your course, only to find it cannot do it “out-of-box”?
Chances are you simply can’t do it.
The fact is “ALL the manufacturers” are not going to let you do it “out-of-box”.
The manufactures are doing what is safe for them. They don’t want to have support calls from people asking why their product will not od this or that.
To minimize those calls, the manufactures do not include features enabling you to do you own thing, rather they limit you to doing only what can be contained in their environment.
With this in mind, I’m working hard to find solutions for you.
Take a look at my video below to understand the bigger picture and to hear my commitment to this cause.

Best Regards,
Dennis Hall