Ongoing LMS Service offerings

Ongoing LMS Service offerings

Maintenance and support packages are offered as monthly subscriptions or annual subscription.

These services are an all inclusive package that remove all maintenance, testing and updates of your site and place ownership of these processes solely on Learning Templates.

Why is this a good thing for you?
At Learning Templates, our focus is solely on the stability and proper functioning of your platform (LMS’s, LRS’s, and Staging).

As experts in the industry, we constantly test, focus on, and develop solutions crafted around the needs of online learning systems and do not broadly “brush over” basic understanding of any possible platform or product that comes along as most WordPress based support organizations do.

Our focus lets you focus on your expertise comfortably understanding your platform and its processes while remaining stable and predictable.

What else is included in this service?

Often people need to perform a task they are not comfortable with or are not sure will provide the expected result.

No problem, simply pick up the phone or email us and we’ll be happy to assist you in planning, preparing for, and executing this task to obtain your desired result.

Custom development requirements can be both confusing and costly. If you subscribe to any annual plan, we can include custom code-level development at our preferred rate. Custom development work can also be taken from your annual hours if needed and we’ll be sure to let you know the estimated development hours and how that will effect your annual hourly pool.
We do, however, recommend you do not take away focus on your site maintenance and evolution to be used for development time.

Here's what you get

Support Hours

We offer email, Zoom online meeting and phone support for CAN / US customers.
With this maintenance plan, you get priority and personal support.
This package also includes "mastermind" pre-scheduled meetings at your convenience.

When you have an idea and seek someone who would provide honest feedback, we're listening.
We can also assist in your planning execution of features.

Hosting Support

Server costs are not included with this service.
If you are hosted with us, We're already managing and monitoring your server, however, if you are not hosted with us we can also also work with your host to manage and monitor your server.
WordPress site management is included in this service.

We're experts in managing and maintaining your servers, WordPress, and your LMS system so you can rest easily knowing your system will be stable, up-to-date and remain fast.

All Learning Templates Products Included

With this package, you have full access to all Learning Templates products and product support without additional costs.

This means you can pick and choose any products you wish at any time from our store and simply let us know what you want to use or try on your staging site.

We'll install and configure it for you!

Articulate Courseware Development and Updates

Beyond server and WordPress support hours, we can also include courseware development hours for you.
This means you can have us work with you to create or update courses on your behalf

Courseware development can included in your core support hours, however, we recommend contacting us to discuss the course development requirements beforehand!

Plan Options

US Monthly Plan

$ 480   /  Month USD

US Annual Plan

$ 4800   /  Year USD
Get 2 months free!

CAD Annual Plan

$ 6450   /  Year CAD
Get 2 months free!


CAD Monthly Plan

$ 645   /  Month CAD



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