LearningLocker LRS Private Server


This price reflects only the first year and includes the initial installation, configuration, training and support for the year. The price is reduced to less than $200.00 USD for the following year(s).

LRS Server Options: Premium with support
LRS Server Options: Budget without support


Own you own LearningLocker LRS!

Purchase this 1 year LRS server subscription and don’t worry about how much data get stored per month again.

After your first year, your LearningLocker LRS Server costs will drop down to less than $200.00 USD per year.
Beyond the cost savings, you will be able to host your WordPress site on this server to!

IMPORTANT Note: support is not included after the first year. Contact us to discuss your ongoing support requirements.

Connect your xAPI plugin or application to it.

Your LearningLocker LRS comes with the following:

  • Learning Locker Version 2 – the latest version with incredible features.
  • SaaS LRS (all you need to do is enter your LRS endpoint and keys to connect)
  • Maintenance (All private servers come with maintenance during your subscription period)
    • Includes updates, backups, data export at end of subscription period (if not renewing)
  • Support (All private servers come with support during your subscription period)
    • Includes 24 hour email support response, direct platform assistance, online meetings, and training as required
  • 50 – 90 GB storage (you need not care how many statements you write – it’s your own server)
  • Lightening fast (built on the latest network, SSD hard disk, and AMD64 CPU server technologies)
  • SSL (HTTPS certificates added and maintained for free)
  • Sub-let your server to other organizations if you wish to use it as a multi-tenant system
  • Reporting (create custom reports for your organization, a group, or even a specific user)
  • Export data (create custom reports for your organization, a group, or even a specific user)
  • View user statements

Check out this LearningLocker shared dashboard to see some of the possibilities just using my Demo/Development LRS.

Compare prices

The choice is obvious when you compare this product with any other LRS vendor!

  • LearningLocker Private Server (this product) $864.00 / first year then < $200.00 / all following years
  • Wax $1000.00 / year
  • Watershed $1000.00 / year
  • LearningLocker Enterprise Edition $1200.00 / year
  • SCORMcloud (also known as RusticiEngine) $4080.00 / year

Additional information

LRS Server Options

Budget without support, Premium with support


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