LearnDash 101 Course Access on Remote Server


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This is a demo product that, when purchased, will create a user on a remote LearnDash LMS web site and it will enroll the user into that LearnDash 101 course on that server.

Enter a valid email address in order to receive your login information for that remote LearnDash LMS web site.

If the customer in this site has already purchased a product that enrolled their user into a course on that LearnDash LMS web site, their user information will remain intact on that web site and they will not receive a new user email.

If the customer purchase a quantity of “1” of this product, they will be enrolled into the course on the LMS site.

If the customer purchases more than “1” of this product, they will become a Group Leader on the LMS site and you can then use the native LearnDash Groups functionality or use any of the available LearnDash Group related plugins to let them manage and report on their group.


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