No Nonsense Terms and Conditions


You must read these terms and conditions in full. Only then can you agree to them.

These terms and conditions MUST be adhered to for the following reasons:

  • To ensure you do not attempt to resell a product that you have no rights to sell
  • To ensure you are not infringing on copyright laws by attempting to reuse our code in your own plugin or theme
  • To protect the Intellectual Property of Learning Templates
  • To ensure your own Intellectual Property is protected

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree that you will not attempt to reengineer, reverse engineer, or resell any product purchased from only accepts payment through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can get a free account at garanties our products are authentic and do not infringe on proprietary code created by other vendors.

All products come, by default, with one (1) month of free support unless specifically identified in the product description.

Subscription based products come, by default, with continuous email support only for as long as the subscription lasts unless that subscription is tied to a free Trial product.

If you require support for any product or subscription, there is a support link provided in the help, or the page of each product. Use this link to request support.

All downloadable products are non-refundable. We prefer to work with you to correct any issue / conflict associated with our code in relation to the stated abilities. If you believe a feature or function within our code does not perform as described, we recommend the following:

  1. Contact us using the products found in the product page or help menu.
  2. Enter “Support required: ” into the email subject line, then
  3. Identify the product name and version in the email subject line (example: TIN-CAN Manager, V1.0.0)
  4. Describe the issue you are having in your own words
  5. Provide your website URL

If your issue is hard to explain, we’re happy to watch and listen. we use for desktop sharing. You can provide your availability for a zoom meeting in this same email. If we are available at your preferred time, we will return a meeting invitation email for this support request.

If your product is outside the free support period, we must charge an hourly fee for the support. The fee (minimum 1 hour) must be paid in advance via PayPal to Because you have purchased our product, however, you are automatically eligible for our preferred pricing of $45.00 USD per hour.

If you have downloaded a free product and require support, you must provide the same information in your email request for support. Because you have shown interest in our product, you are automatically eligible for our interest pricing of $55.00 USD per hour. Support fees (minimum 1 hour) must be paid in advance.

If you have downloaded a free product, you agree to become automatically subscribed to our product release announcements.

Best Regards,

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