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We provide system verification and review services with you via Zoom.

If you’re interested in booking some time with me for expert advice, a system health-check, or guidance on how you can use LearnDash to further your advantage, feel free to book a 2 hour LMS consultation period with me.
During this meeting, any changes that can be made within this time period will be done, however, there my be issues that require you get your website hosting provider involved in correcting. In these cases, I’ll provide you direction with a a list of next steps in the meeting and will also followup by repeating the steps in an email after the meeting if required.

If you are meeting in order to have a private plugin of any custom code implemented in your site, the actual meeting time will be limited to only the time needed to provision the code or plugin as well as test that it is functioning properly. These meetings are typically only 30 minutes long as you get a product that has lasting value as a result of the meeting.

Book a consultation period with me.

The fee for each 2 hour block of time is $150.00 USD

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