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Notes/Journals for LearnDash

Notes / Journals for LearnDash

Notes/Journal for Learndash is the most advanced note taking tool in WordPress. Here is a list of all the features included in Notes/Journal for LearnDash.

  • Provides a floating Notes icon that each user can place anywhere they want in any page, post, course, lesson, topic, or quiz
  • Lets you embed a notes form in any page, post, course, lesson, topic, or quiz
  • Provides in-site two-way communication between the instructor and the student
  • Provides a notification icon for the student when a note has a response
  • Uses administrator created email templates to notify the student and the teacher of a new note and a note response
  • Desktop and mobile friendly
  • Provides a Notes Management page
  • Lets students download their notes in Docx format
  • Interface labels and icons are all configurable
  1. Branislav Grubić

    Plugin support is great! Dennis answer me in 1 hour and release a new plugin update with features needed. Thanks a lot!
  2. charles

    Works perfectly and includes history - perfect for my students recording their goals for the course and longer term.
  3. paul1

    This is a great plugin! There's not many plugins you can say "it just works" but this is one of them. Install, place your shortcodes and boom, done! And the option to put all the students notes on their dashboard is genius. Thank you Dennis!

Watch this video playlist to understand many of the highlights!

About this product

Notes/Journals for LearnDash is the most configurable, most flexible, and most feature-rich Notes plugin designed around LearnDash.

This plugin not only works with LearnDash, but also works in any WordPress page or post.

Using shortcodes, Notes/Journals for LearnDash lets you add embedded note-taking areas in your web site and also provides you a floating icon that the user can put anywhere they like. This floating icon opens a draggable, resizable note taking window.

Flexible Setup...

Use the array of shortcodes to give the student all possible Notes entry, portability, and management options.

Add notification icons to your menus so students know when their instructor has responded to their Note.

Let your students place their note icon anywhere they want.

This icon will ensure their notes panel does not show up off the screen when they place it.

Highly Customizable...

A notes area can be embedded into any post, page, course, lesson, topic, or quiz.

A notes area can be added as a draggable/resizable popup into any post, page, course, lesson, topic, or quiz.

Use your own Font-Awesome notification icon and style it to your liking.

Instructor/Student Communication...

Create you own emails that get sent to the instructor and student when they select their "Notify..." checkboxes.

Instructors choose to notify students or not.

Manage, track, and perform oversight on all instructor / student communications.

Add notification icons to menus so students know when the instructor has responded to their note.

Student  can manage all their notes for the specific post, page, course, lesson, topic, or quiz in that location.

Student  can manage all their site-wide notes and communications in one place.

1 Site License

$25    /   Year
  • 1 year of email and Zoom support
  • 1 year of updates
  • 1 year of new features

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. You're good to go with LearnDash and Student Notes alone.

Student Notes is highly customizable.

All labels can be configured in the Labels settings page.

Yes. This plugin can be installed in a WPMU (WordPress Multi-site installation) setup.

Licensing is on a per-site basis for support purposes so we ask that you purchase a license for each site you will use it in.

Depending on how complex the new features are, some will come out frequently while others will take more time. As with most product developers, we don't commit to specific dates for new features, but we do plan our activities and these features, taking an organized approach with our client projects and our product development.
Beyond new features, this plugin, as with all good developers plugins, will be updated when a bug is exposed, when we've discovered a vulnerability, when WordPress or LearnDash have been updated and this product needs to be updated to comply with those changes.

Development of plugins takes a great deal of time. This is time we could spend working on projects for paying clients, but instead, we choose to help you out by providing what would normally be very costly software development at very reasonable prices in the form of our products.
In fact, when you purchase this product, you're not really paying for the development cost. These costs are already our sunk costs, so what you're actually doing is helping fund our efforts to:

  1. keep the product optimally working with WordPress and LearnDash updates
  2. add new features to the product, and
  3. you're paying for any of our excellent support you may need going forward with the product.

Yes, this product will continue working if you cancel your subscription, however, you will no longer receive new features, bug fixes, product updates or support once cancelled. You will see the license key warning in your dashboard.
You can also cancel your subscriptions direction in our web site. no need to go to the payment system provider.

If you're having problems with the product, you'll find our support is exceptional and fast. If it's just not possible to correct and issue, or it's just not a good fit for you, we have a 30 day no questions asked return policy where you will receive a full refund.