VPS Private Server for your LMS

$480.00 / year and a $120.00 sign-up fee

Operate from a VPS Server specifically designed to host your LMS.

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Unlike 99% of all hosting solutions, you don’t need to use caching plugins. That’s how good these servers are!

Your WordPress server includes:

  • 5 CPU Cores (Intel E5 v3 processors)
  • 7GB RAM
  • 80GB SSD Disk
  • 5000GB Bandwidth per month
  • 5 IP V4 Addresses
  • 10 IP V6 Addresses
  • Server setup of your Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate
  • Server level firewall
  • Server level Anti-Virus
  • Pre-installed plugins
    • WordFence
    • UpDraft Plus
    • WP Easy SMTP
  • The only pre-installed theme is TwentyTwenty
  • FTP ready to go
  • Hosted in the U.S.A

With this service, you need not worry about the tech side of things. Server support comes with it.

What will happen after you purchase a server?

  1. I’ll start the server build for you and will provide you the IP Address of the server via email
  2. You will edit your Domain host records to add the IP address to your preferred domain or sub-domain name
  3. You will email me the following information:
    1. domain or sub-domain name for the server to use
    2. Your SMTP email provider information
      1. SMTP Host (example: smtp.gmail.com)
      2. email address to use (example: myemail@gmail.com)
      3. Type of Encryption (example: TLS)
      4. SMTP Port (example: 465)
      5. SMTP Authentication (yes or no)
      6. SMTP Username (example: myemail@gmail.com)
      7. SMTP Password (no example available)
  4. I will monitor when your domain or sub-domain name propagates to the server IP address
  5. I will apply SSL and Secure FTP to the server
  6. I will install and configure WordPress, and the plugins for you
  7. I will clean up the system by removing non-required plugins and themes
  8. I will create your administrative user
  9. I will provide you the information you need to get started and we will meet online in a Zoom meeting to ensure you are properly set up and cna log in and make changes as needed


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