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Storyline 2 Skins Player

storyline2 skins player


This Storyline 2 player replacement lets you copy one file in your published output, then use PNG images to skin any part of the player that you wish.

If you choose to only skin specific parts of the player, you can while also styling the player in the Storyline 2 > Player dialogue.

What you get in the Zipped file:

  • 1 folder named Sample player schemes containing:
    • 5 styling schemes in subfolders
    • 5 PSD files used to create the schemes
    • 1 generic PSD file Named Skins Player Parts
  • 1 frame.swf file used to replace your existing file in your published output
  • 1 Instructions.txt file
  • 1 Storyline2 Skins Player License Agreement PDF file

Using this Skins player in conjunction with the built-in Storyline Player dialogue can present some incredibly custom players that are extremely simple to update, re-skin, or simply set to your Storyline 2 > Player styles.

View the demo here.

This is a FREE-BEE product and is provided without warranty.

You customize this product by editing the provided PSD files – read the included readme file for instruction.

Contact us if you are looking for further support or customization.


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