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LifterLMS BackPack is a growing collection of useful features, widgets, shortcodes and other design elements to make your Learning Management System and students experience better by design.

LifterLMS BackPack solves a great deal of LifterLMS purchase, registration and design process dilemmas you run into when trying to customize your website and user workflows.

Each feature can be individually turned on or off.

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LifterLMS BackPack has a support system built right into it.

LifterLMS BackPack is a growing collection of useful features, widgets, shortcodes and other design elements to make your Learning Management System and students experience better by design.

LifterLMS BackPack solves a great deal of LifterLMS purchase, registration and design process dilemmas you run into when trying to customize your website and user workflows.

Each feature can be individually turned on or off.

In cases where the LifterLMS team choose to adopt an equivalent feature to any provided in LifterLMS BackPack, at that time you can simply turn off this feature in LifterLMS BackPack and use the LifterLMS version.

If you use the LifterLMS version of a feature, widget, form or shortcode, and prefer to revert back to one provided in LifterLMS BackPack, no problem, just turn it on again, your settings will still be there.

Why spend up to thousands of dollars for plugins or custom development when you can use LifterLMS BackPack and have over 20 features / plugins for the price of one plugin?

The current version of LifterLMS BackPack is V1.3.4

Current BackPack Features

3rd. Party Registration

Add a separate billing information into the LifterLMS registration form so a 3rd. party can purchase a course or membership for the student.

This feature solves the problem of one person purchasing a course or membership for another person (commonly known a “gifting a course”).

Common Auto Enroll

Without using Memberships, Auto-enroll students to a common course when they enroll in any other course.

This feature solves the problem of having created courses without memberships, then later realizing you want a course that all users are automatically enrolled into. With LifterLMS alone, you would need to create a membership for this purpose, but then your users all have to go through one more layer (the membership layer) to get to the course.

With this feature enabled, a new course is provided in their dashboard with the existing course they have enrolled into.

Custom Merge Codes

Create your own Custom Merge Codes. You can upload text stings, add a shortcode to emails and certificates, and monitor their usage in your Dashboard.

This feature solves the problem of being able to email a user a code (or other) that will provide some benefit to them during their LifterLMS course or membership experience.

You can upload codes (or other) via a CSV file upload.

You can issue these uploaded codes automatically in your LifterLMS email engagements by adding the {cm_code} merge code into an email. Once entered, the system will take care of itself and also provides you a view of the status / issuance of each code.

This system will also email you when your codes are running low. It sends you an email when you are down to 10 unused codes.

End User Access

A calendar control for the WordPress Users profile.

This feature solves the problem of having a student that you want to terminate in a course on a specific date without terminating all other users.

Yes, LifterLMS allows you to un-enroll a student in the course page and also lets you expire their Access-Plan. What if the course is in a membership? What if the user purchased a membership via an Access-Plan? In these cases, you cannot expire them in one course. This feature lets you do this, furthermore, it let’s you do it on a specific date.

This feature also solves the problem of extending a users access in a course. Often, students will not complete a course within the time you allot them. This happens for many reasons such as health reasons, with this feature turned on AND the Upsell Enrollments feature also turned on, you can set a date beyond the Access-Plan expiry date to correct the issue.

  • This control lets you end a users course access early on the selected date, and
  • If used with the Up-sell Enrollments feature enabled (no need to configure a membership), the user will be re-enrolled until the selected date.

Field Manager

Using our visual form Builder, you can create your custom fields via Drag and Drop, you then Insert these fields into the:

  • Registration / Checkout form,
  • Edit Account form,
  • V1.4.0: Woocommerce Account and WordPress Users Profile forms via a checkbox selection in the plugin,
  • You can also include the information into LifterLMS Reports and Exports via a checkbox selection.

This feature solves the problem of creating your own custom fields in your LifterLMS Registration/Purchase forms, WordPress User Profiles, LifterLMS Reports and LifterLMS Edit Account forms in an easy and visual manner and without the need for a programmer.

Forms Complete Lesson

Let your formidable form complete your lesson without the need for a Mark Complete button.

  • V1.5.0: Ninja forms
  • V1.5.0: Gravity Forms, and
  • V1.5.0+: Other WordPress form plugins in later updates (all you need to do is ask for a specific form integration).

This feature solves the problem of having a form submission mark a lesson as completed without having to purchase the LifterLMS Gravity Forms plugin, then also have to purchase the Gravity forms plugin. Using the free Formidable Forms plugin, along with this feature, you can now do this.

This feature also solves the problem of not having a choice to pause the lesson before the lesson is completed while also solving the problem of the Form not being able to display a form completion message before jumping to the next lesson. With this feature we let you choose the user workflow. Ninja and Gravity Forms will also be added to this list in future updates.

User / Guest / Role Shortcodes

Show different information to Users, Guests and Roles.

This feature solves the problem of your online learning being generically written and not being able to show customized information to students. an example might look like “Dennis, your doing very well!”, whereas today, you can only have “Your doing very well!”

This feature also solves the problem of displaying different information based on the users role. An example of this might look like “Dennis, your doing very well as an administrator!”, or, “Dennis, your doing very well as an instructor!”, whereas today, you can only have “Your doing very well!”

This feature also solves the problem of your not knowing how to access the specific roles in your system so you can provide role specific information to them. this feature automatically picks up all the roles in your system and provides you shortcodes you just copy and paste to show users in those roles, custom information.

You can put these shortcodes anywhere in your site, courses, lessons, quizzes and questions to show different information to users.

What makes this different from the currently available Page builder options and existing LifterLMS options is that these can also be included inside the existing LifterLMS shortcodes while also letting you embed the information at a very granular level (not something you can do with existing page builder tools, or in LifterLMS today).

  • You can show the students first name, last name, show logged out users (guests) different information that logged in users (users)
  • Personalize your training content with the users name and role based information.
  • Show instructors different information in a course, lesson, quiz or question, than the student sees.
  • V1.5.0: Expose the user information (first name / last name)variables for use in uploaded e-learning when using LifterLMS xAPI.

Mark a Users Course Complete/Reset

Mark a users course as completed from within their profile.

Mark a users course as incomplete from within their profile.

This feature solves the problem of not having a method to complete or reset a student in a course.

Member Comments / Live Chat system

Add multiple comment areas in your course, lesson or quiz. the ONLY integrated chat system available for LifterLMS!

Turn ON or OFF editor toolbars for each comment area, and all user comments are presented as a live feed (Live Chat mode) if you turn off WordPress Comment Moderation.

This feature solves the problem of having a student need to leave a course, lesson or quiz to chat with other students, or the instructor in a live chat environment. forcing a student to leave the content makes them loose focus and loose their way back to the course, lesson or quiz.

Filters comments by Membership Group

This Ajax driven comment shortcode, uses the native the WordPress Discussion settings and the LifterLMS Membership restrictions to filter user comments by Membership group in Courses and Lessons.

Better than BBPress, BuddyPress and LifterLMS Social Learner

  • Why? Because your students can communicate with each other directly in the content where it counts the most

Remove Password Reset

Remove the requirement for the students to reset their password during registration.

This feature solves the problem of users needing to reset their WordPress password when registering to the system.

Restore continue Button

Add the Course Continue button back into the Student Dashboard.

This feature solves the problem of LifterLMS having removed this button in 2017 and users no longer having direction when landing on their Student Dashboard post.

Skip the Dashboard

Takes the student directly to their last incomplete lesson upon login.

  • If they have not started their course(s), it will take them to the start page of their first course.

This feature solves the problem of your students needing to login, remember, then click the course they were last in, then traverse to the lesson they last left off on, or the next lesson not marked as completed. It solves this by simply having the user login, and immediately go to that next incomplete lesson.

Student Notes

Add Student Notes to your courses, lesson and quizzes and optionally communicate with your students.

This feature solves the problem of Students not being able to take personal notes inside LifterLMS courses, lesson, and quizzes.

This feature also solves the problem of Students not being able to send notes to instructors.

This feature also solves the problem of Students not remembering which course, lesson or quiz post they made a note about, then also finding their way back to that post.

Up-sell enrollments

Overcomes an issue in LifterLMS where if a user purchases a course as a standalone, then you up-sell them to a membership with that course in it, their course will expire per the original access plan.

This feature solves the following four problems:
Up-sell enrollments keeps the user enrolled in the original course (beyond their original expiration) under the following conditions:

  1. Students can buy the course standalone, then upgrade to the membership before the course expires, or
  2. Students can purchase the membership which includes the course, or
  3. Students can purchase the course, let it expire, then later purchase the membership and their course will in-expire, and
  4. If used with the End User Access feature, you can extend a students access and they will be automatically re-enrolled until that date

Voucher Login

Adds an advanced, mobile friendly AJAX driven Register, Login, Forgot Password form specific to Voucher based registrations.

This feature solves the problem of Students having to wait to get an email to log in after registering. It solves this problem by remembering the students password and email, then automatically switching their view form Register to Login and automatically populating the Login fields with their email and password.

An email with their password is still sent to them, but they do not need to wait / refer to it, or type it in to advance immediately to their Student Dashboard or course (if used with Skip the Dashboard feature). Non-Student users logging also get redirected to your preferred page.

This feature also solves the problem of having multiple pages in your site for Login, Register, and lost password. It soles these issues by using AJAX to show these pages in the same form while also using your themes default styles for everything.

Direct product support

Get product support right from the plugin License and Support page.

This feature solves the problem of your getting prompt and informed support from within your website. Unlike the current LifterLMS support setup, you can just remain in the site with the least interruption to your important workflow and we will already be informed of your site setup without you needing to copy and paste your site information.

Style the Student Dashboard

Take control of your LifterLMS Student Dashboard styling.

All styling is done in the WordPress Customizer.

NOTE to Astra Theme users: Do not use this feature with the Astra Theme!

Turn ON or Off sections, buttons, menu items, titles and more.

Change the number of columns to show your course grid.

This feature solves the problem of your not having complete control over the styling, layout, and sections of the LifterLMS Student Dashboard as well as your having to use custom CSS to style it all.


A set of LifterLMS widgets that include:

  • a Dynamic Widget Creator so you can create unlimited widgets specific to your course or lesson without using custom sidebars.
  • A Certificates widget that displays the Certificate Name.
  • An Achievements widget that displays the students Achievement badges.
  • A Resume Lesson widget that creates a button to take the student back to their last incomplete lesson from anywhere in your site.
  • A Related Courses widget that displays the courses (including featured images) in the same category.
  • If you own a copy of LifterLMS xAPI, you get a Related Competencies widget as well.

This feature solves the problem of you having to place widgets into the course and lesson sidebar as well as having to use other plugins to customize the sidebars so different widgets and information show for each course or lesson.

Lesson Navigation Shortcodes

Create customizable lesson navigation.

Membership Course Grid

Show the courses for the membership in a nice grid in the Membership post.

This feature solves the problem of Courses in a membership not being displayed in the membership landing post.

Upcoming V1.4.0 features

Course Grid

Show your Sections and Lessons in a stylish expandable grid.

This feature solves the problem of the managing the LifterLMS lesson blocks at the bottom of your course page. It solves this problem by turning off the LifterLMS blocks when you add a shortcode into the lesson content area. Using this method, you can also place the shortcode anywhere you want.

When you have a large course, this feature also lets you define how many lesson blocks you want to show the user at a time.

You can also change the complete / Incomplete Icons and their colors using font-awesome icons.

This feature also lets you style the course grid in the WordPress Customizer.

Lesson Grid

Just as with the Course Grid, show your Lessons for the current Section in a stylish expandable grid.

Upcoming V1.4.1 features

Course Outline

Show your Sections and Lessons and highlight the Current Lesson.

Course Sections Menu

Show the Sections of the current course.

Current Section Outline

Show the Lessons of only your current section.

Other Course Outline

Show a menu of the Sections of another course.

Upcoming V1.4.2 features

Yotpo Social Reviews

Designed to let you receive and manage LifterLMS Course, and Woocommerce Product Review and star ratings.

  • Yotpo Social Reviews helps Woocommerce store owners with LifterLMS generate a ton of reviews for their products and courses.
  • Yotpo is the only solution which makes it easy to share your reviews automatically to your social networks to gain a boost in traffic and an increase in sales.
  • YotPo Social reviews styling is done in the YotPo website.

Upcoming V1.5.0 and + features


Spark friendly competition by showing the top 10 students completing the most lessons in a course.

Lessons Preview

Add Tags to LifterLMS Lessons

  • Add reserved words so guest users can preview / use your lessons in isolation of the course and reports.
  • Present your lessons in an animated grid gallery customized using the WordPress Customizer controls.

EU Checkout

Add advanced VAT integration to the LifterLMS Checkout.

Watch these LifterLMS BackPack videos to see it in action

2 reviews for LifterLMS BackPack

  1. admin3 (verified owner)

    This single plugin has delivered more value to my website and my students than any combination of the “official” LifterLMS add-ons, and I have them all.

    In fact, its functionality has superseded many of the official add-ons to the extent that now I use the many functions in Backpack in preference to those in the official Infinity Bundle from LifterLMS!

    The features in Backpack are easy to use, provide a huge suite of incredibly useful and accessible functionality to me as the administrator/instructor and to my students, and in many cases provide functionality that is completely lacking in the official add-ons.

    Given the astounding set of features being offered in this plugin and its incredibly low price, together with the incredible level of support and professionalism I have received from its developer, I cannot recommend this highly enough to anyone using LifterLMS.

    Thank you Dennis, this is an amazing product and has been invaluable to me so far, and I have only begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities this has opened up for the development of my online learning platform!

    M. Ahmed

  2. audrajcarpenter (verified owner)

    I came across Dennis when I was searching for an LMS platform to build my training site on. He was being interviewed by LifterLMS. Such a great education I was given. Since then I follow most things Dennis puts out.

    I ended up using LifterLMS for my training site and knew once Backpack was available I’d need it for my website. The amount of functionality and customization I can now do is crazy good! My ability to create specific layouts, content delivery, to a targeted audience is just what I needed.

    Not to mention the amazing support I’ve received from Dennis getting things set up. You can’t go wrong working with Dennis and any of his plugins.

    Thank you Dennis! Your the best!!

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