xAPI for LearnDash + Private LRS Server (Combo)

$299.00 / year

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Get LearnDash xAPI and a Private LRS server for just $299 per year.

Read about LearnDash xAPI HERE.

Read about the $200.00 per year LearningLocker LRS Private Server HERE.

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This product package comes with a free “Done for you” service.

You can download the xAPI for LearnDash plugin and activate it today.

The following morning, your new LRS server will be ready for you.

I will send you a followup email once I finish building it.





Get the xAPI for LearnDash plugin and a Private LRS server for just $299 per year.

Read about xAPI for LearnDash HERE.

Read about the $200.00 per year LearningLocker LRS Private Server HERE.

Beyond being the ONLY award winning WordPress / xAPI product,  xAPI for LearnDash is the ONLY non-proprietary plugin that meets (and exceeds) the official ADL LMS Test Suite requirements for xAPI compliance. Combine this with our Private LRS Server service which is also the ONLY non-proprietary xAPI Compliant LRS service from any LearnDash LMS service providers and you will be 100% xAPI compliant.

Official ADL xAPI adopters list: https://adopters.adlnet.gov/adopters/1

Learning Templates is the only non-proprietary LearnDash LMS plugin vendor on this list because our products are the only non-proprietary xAPI compliant product for LearnDash LMS.


Learning Templates is driven to be your single source for your end-to-end advanced learning development needs.

If you purchase this product and service package, you can also get 33 1/3% off our monthly service charge for our Adapt Authoring tool service.

That’s a savings of $120.00 USD per year for an already incredibly priced authoring tool!

What is “Done for you”?

Done for you is:

  1. Your Private LRS Server is built, and initially configured or your organization for you.
    • You server will be initially built, then you will receive an email requesting your sub-domain information and providing you a dedicated IP Address of the server.
      • If you require help with this process, no problem, that’s also part of the service.
    • You will receive an email login and password to the server when the server is built and SSL is applied
  2. If you wish, xAPI for LearnDash will be installed, configured and tested on your WordPress site for you .
  3. LerningLocker administrative and reporting training will be provided to you.
  4. Help in creating custom reports is also included.

Here is a video of just a couple of features / capabilities of this combination…


Here is an example of a dashboard you can embed in any post/page other website or email…


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