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If you’re in need of reporting all LearnDash events in the browser rather than having to download a CSV file to obtain a LearnDash report, and you want to have LearnDash Group Leaders administer everything from the website (not get into admin), this plugin is the right solution for you!

Sales of this plugin are now paused due to NO ( ZERO! ) COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTIONS given back after all those downloads.


If you need this to work with your LearnDash 3.x installation please visit my Contact Us page and indicate your budget to update the code.

Only serious inquires will be responded to.

Before you read further…

This plugin is designed to work with LearnDash Native Groups, not Uncanny Groups, nor WisdmLabs Groups. If you are not using LearnDash Native Groups, this plugin will not work in your site.

About this plugin:

What does CE mean?
CE means “Community Edition”. This version of the plugin is free and relies exclusively on the community giving back in order to evolve and maintain this plugin.

If you are not interested in evolving or maintaining the code in this plugin through your community contribution of software development, you may be more pleased with the Premium version of this plugin.

If you’re in need of reporting all LearnDash events in the browser (rather than using the LearnDash CSV file download button) to obtain a LearnDash report, and you want to have LearnDash Group Leaders administer everything from the website (not get into admin), this plugin is the right solution for you!

Further reading:

I took a very long time to develop this plugin as a core to provide you maximum flexibility in your reporting needs specific to LearnDash Group Leaders and am providing it to you for free, With this more than generous gift, I’d like you to give back. Here are 3 ways you can give back:

  1. If you’d like further columns of data to be added, you can hire me at $60.00 USD per hour to add another data column (it usually takes about 2 hours depending on the complexity), or add another Quick Action Button (it usually takes less than one hour depending on complexity and data relationships required).
  2. If you cannot afford my time, prefer to do this yourself or via another developer, you can return the updated plugin back to me, via along with a short summary of the changes made and I will review and test the changes and share it as an update for everyone.

In the event you provide an update to this plugin, your Name, a summary of the change(s) you have made, and a link to your website will be added to the “Contributors” list.


Dennis Hall Developed core plugin with the initial Group and Course filters along with 16 data columns in the report:
(Name, Email, Last Active, Progress, Lesson, Lesson Quiz, Lesson Quiz Average, Lesson Assignment, Topic, Approve Assignment, Course Quiz, Course Quiz Average, H5P Points, Started, Completed, Certificate)
Learning Templates (this site)

Thanks for reading.

Update: As of 1 March, 2020, 100 people have downloaded this community plugin and not one have fixed the 2 lines of code required to make it work, then given back here. Some of these people who have downloaded this plugin are notable companies that provide popular plugins for LearnDash, yet are unwilling to give back to the community through this plugin. This is obviously not in their own interest, so requires a truly giving person to accomplish the simple task of giving back as I have through this plugin.

For all the LearnDash developers out there as well you those who continue to take, yet not contribute, get over it and give back to the community as I’ve been doing for years.

The 3 shortcodes we provide you are as follows:

  • Import users from CSV file: Provides you facility to bulk upload (with the ability to turn on or off emails) your users into LearnDash
  • Manage my groups: Lets your LearnDash Group Leaders manage users in groups and courses
  • Group Report: This report provides an administrative page and lets you pick what buttons, data columns and data filters you want to make available for Group Leaders to use in the website. Once saved, the Group Leaders can turn on or off the pre-selected data they want to see or they can use the Quick Report buttons for predefined views.

The 3 shortcodes provide Group Leaders with the same functions found in the admin LearnDash Groups page as well as a front-end report that focuses on Completion statuses, scores, assignment approvals and certificates of completion pre-filtered for only the groups they manage.

NOTE: When you choose some data columns, you will need to choose other ones that they are dependent on in order to show data. This is what the Quick Action buttons are used for. An example: To show assignments, you need to show lessons.

The Shortcodes provide the following management panels to the front end for Group Leaders while providing a very flexible reporting system they can tailor to their own needs.




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