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This LearnDash plugin filters Course, Lesson, Topic and Quiz comments by group.

With this plugin, when you create groups in LearnDash, only those users in that Course, Lesson, Topic or Quiz can create, view and reply to comments in their current group as well as replacing the default WordPress comments area with a shortcode you can place anywhere in your post.

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This LearnDash plugin filters Course, Lesson, Topic and Quiz comments by group.

In LearnDash, when you create groups, there is no facility in the core plugin to filter comments so only those users of each group can see them. Instead LearnDash uses the standard WordPress post and page comments for this. WordPress has no function to filter these comments, therefore, neither does LearnDash.

With this plugin, when you create LearnDash native groups, only those users in that Course, Lesson, Topic or Quiz can create, view and reply to comments in their current group.

You can also use derivatives of the provided AJAX-ified [llms_comments] shortcode to place your comments anywhere you want in the post.

This plugin removes the requirement for the following plugins:

  • Other Groups related plugins
  • BBPress
  • BuddyPress (forums)
  • Some other forum integration plugins or the need to buy BuddyBoss to have the forums inside your content.

and lets you focus your user workflow on LearnDash.

Exactly what does this plugin do?

This plugin does 5 things:

  1. It removes the need for the above plugins and lets you manage your LearnDash groups back in LearnDash rather than having to duplicate your efforts between other group related plugins and LearnDash groups.
  2. It filters the comments in LearnDash courses, lessons, topics and quizzes so only those users in the same group can see the comments of their co-group members.
  3. Unlike the BBPress and BuddyPress solutions, it keeps the learner in your course, lesson, topic or quiz.
  4. It lets you create 1 course and register different groups to the course without them seeing comments of other groups.
  5. It adds an AJAX-ified shortcode for you to place your comments anywhere you want in the post.

You need only install this plugin and add the shortcode to your LearnDash content and it will automatically take over the rest for you once you configure your WordPress site and each post to allow comments.

Configuration for this plugin is done in the WordPress Admin panel > Settings > Discussion page, while all comments and replies remain subject to LearnDash approval settings.

Add multiple comment areas in your course, lesson, topic or quiz. This is the ONLY integrated chat system available for LearnDash!

Turn ON or OFF editor toolbars for each comment area, and all user comments are presented as a live feed (Live Chat mode) if you turn off WordPress Comment Moderation.

This feature solves the problem of having a student need to leave a course, lesson, topic or quiz to chat with other students, or the Group Leader in a live chat environment. forcing a student to leave the content makes them loose focus and loose their way back to the course, lesson, topic or quiz.

Filters comments by LearnDash native group

This Ajax driven comment shortcode, uses the native the WordPress Discussion settings and LearnDash Group restrictions to filter user comments by LearnDash group in Courses, Lessons, Topics and Quizzes.

Better than BBPress, BuddyPress and the native WordPress Comments feature

  • Why? Because your students can communicate with each other directly in the content where it counts the most

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4 reviews for Live Chat for LearnDash

  1. James (verified owner)

    Great little free plugin. Works as designed and created a communication system for my LD groups (teachers + students in physical classrooms) using built in comment systems instead of some resource intensive additional plugin. I recommend this to all LearnDash users using a group function.

  2. oskar (verified owner)

    Works great for communication between classes!

  3. centosalvi (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin to manage the comments of Learndash without using another type of system to manage comments within the same Learndash course and using the native comments of WordPress, allowing you to use the same courses, lessons, topis, quiz, for different groups.

    Also, they have an incredible support since they solved all my problems in record time and they have even improved the plugin.

    I just love it. Thank you very much Learning Templates

  4. sulaiman1990 (verified owner)

    Really an amazing plugin which can do the job of multi plugins. The most amazing thing for me that it can add multiple comment boxes in the same page.
    Really appreciate this job

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