Classrooms for LearnDash

Let your manage themselves

Classrooms for LearnDash

Let your customers manage themselves!

Classrooms for LearnDash lets you create school or corporate structures in your LearnDash LMS site!
Student seats are licensed for students only so your main groups leader(s) and child-group leaders will not use a seat.
Classrooms is the most comprehensive group management plugin available for LearnDash, but we're never done adding new features!

Here are some of the highlights Classrooms for LearnDash has to offer:

  • Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use
  • Natively integrate with other products
  • Create and manage classrooms or pop-up classrooms in seconds
  • Classrooms features can be turned on or off
  • Create default welcome emails
  • Includes a classroom chalkboard
  • Supports Public and Private organizations
  • Create and manage teachers
  • Create and manage students
  • Move teachers and students
  • Create unattended classrooms (teams)
  • Permanently Delete Classrooms, teachers and students
  • Manage student progress
  • Advanced WooCommerce Integration
  • Sell Seats with one-time and subscriptions
  • BuddyBoss Social Groups creation
  • Allow a set number of teachers to be students
  • Interact with clear, simple and detailed reports
  • School level summary reports
  • Measures and reports on "True Time Spent"
  • Linked content in reports
  • User Statistics in reports
  • View, score, approve, and comment on essays
  • View, score, approve, and comment on assignments
  • Provides Advanced Assignment submissions, reviews, and communication using Gravity Forms
  • Detached reports (shortcodes)
  • Download school and detailed student reports
  • View / print course and quiz certificates
  • Block student course certificates
  • Easily upgrade groups to Classrooms
  1. William Lees

    A fantastic product for my primary school project. It does everything I need and more and its constantly being updated. The after-care is excellent - Dennis always responds to any questions and queries. It's not just an excellent plugin for schools, though. I can see this benefiting any business looking to manage learning and development. Don't hesitate to buy.

    The Learning Templates team has 5 star technical support. The decision to invest in BuddyBoss and Learndash plugins was made because the Classrooms for Learndash plugin exists. Without this plugin, the confidence we have in the ongoing technical support, it would not have made any sense for us to use the LMS system - Learndash and the creation of a community using BuddyBoss.
  3. Holly Billinghurst

    Cannot fault Classrooms for Learndash at all. Regular updates meant that the base features are continually improving and it's saved me hours (if not days) on student management since installation. It's turned Learndash into a true classroom experience. Dennis is incredibly receptive to feedback - If all plugins had a developer who was this responsive, the wordpress community would be much happier!
  4. S. van Dalen

    Great plugin for my learning environment. I don't use the plugin for schools, my clients are companies that purchase corporate training. With this plugin, companies gain control over the addition of employees and their results. Fantastic and fast support! I like the simple layout, this makes it very intuitive to use for my clients. Highly recommended! Happy customer here.
  5. Tina Abner

    Oh my goodness! An amazing product did everything I needed and more, however, the customer service ranks far beyond 5 stars. Dennis saved the day! I am so very new at this and he took his time to walk me step by step... and even put up with all my mistakes along the way!! I will be a customer forever!! You should be too!! Thank you so much.. From Berea KY
  6. Jonathan Boone

    Just fantastic. Has opened up so many new possibilities for my program, and super easy to use / handle. Dennis is terrific, and really open to help at any time. Couldn't recommend enough.
  7. Irene Patlakh

    Today I installed the plugin and I love it! I have been looking for such functionality for a long time, and I got much more: everything is very clear, understandable and easy to manage. I didn’t figure out some points right away, but Dennis gave me excellent support with detailed explanations, and now everything is working great and I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to re-architect my groups and give my clients new learning opportunities. Five stars, definitely!
  8. Casey Helman

    Priceless! Solves so many of my issues and concerns allowing multiple classes to access one course but within the boundaries of their own school. The professional service provided by Dennis was way beyond expectations. A new customer for life.
  9. daniel brown

    A long-awaited edition to complement the group's functionalities of learndash. Dennis has created this plugin with the user in mind, simple to use for both the end user and manager.
  10. Sammy Taylor

    Exceptional service and product. I am so excited to get started with Classrooms for LearnDash, it's going to make such a different for monitoring course progress on a larger scale. I can not thank Dennis enough for his support right from the purchase stage, and especially with the time difference. I'm a complete tech newbie, so this was exactly the support I needed - 5 stars is not enough. Thank you again from Australia

Watch this video playlist to understand many of the highlights!

About this product

Classrooms for LearnDash provides a multi-tenant environment so your site can host multiple client organizations (or schools) who then build and manage themselves.

You can use any shopping cart  system or method to sell LearnDash group access so you’re not forced into any solution. Classrooms does contain optional integrations with UnCanny Groups as well as Memberium if you have either of those products active.

Why not integrate it with a shopping cart by default?

Most bulk purchases of courses by companies or schools happen outside the shopping cart platform; being completed via invoicing or electronic bank transfers.

Read on to discover the incredibly long list of capabilities Classrooms has to offer!

Flexible Setup...

Upgrade your LearnDash or UnCanny Groups to Classrooms with one click!

Automatically create BuddyBoss Groups.

If you already use BuddyBoss Groups, you can automatically have group creation.

Set classrooms specific pricing and let teachers buy seats for their own classrooms.

Set a price for each classroom seat; set per classroom.

Sell LearnDash school, classroom, or seat access.

Control access to Certificates.

You can set it so teachers provide certificates.

Control if teachers consume seats in classrooms or not.

Integrates directly with UnCanny Groups.

Sell with UnCanny Groups, manage with Classrooms.

Turn ON or Off sitewide Group Leader and Student visibility.

Teachers can be added as students as well as teachers in any classroom.

Staff and Course Management...

Schools create their own classrooms, assign courses to them, create teachers and students.

Schools delete their classrooms.

Protection is applied so they cannot delete a classroom unless teachers and students have been removed. Site administrators cannot be deleted by accident.

Existing teachers can also be added to classrooms as students.

This feature lets you optionally set a limit to the number of teachers that can be added as students.

Schools can purchase classroom seats for each classroom.

The price can be different for each classroom.

School level classrooms report.

Site administrators can view / manage all schools in classroom and reports. Headmasters can view / manage all schools they have access to.

Add or remove courses to and from classrooms on the fly.

Add a classroom, courses, and create a teacher in one step.

If the teacher already exists, select them from a menu. Or create a classroom without a teacher.

Add teachers to the classroom any time.

If the teacher exists, select them from a menu, else create them on the fly and your Teacher Welcome email will be sent to them.

Manage teachers in any classroom on the fly.

Teachers can be removed from a classroom, added to other, or removed form the system with ease.

Schools Manage Themselves...

Control student progress.

This is great if you need to schedule online meetings!

Simply click to lock / click to unlock.

Grade and approve assignments and essays right in the Student Detailed Report!

If points are awarded for these, you can award them in the report. You can also comment on these in a new tab from the report.

Change students passwords with ease directly within the classroom.

Students will not be able to continue their course until you unlock them in the report.

Grade and approve assignments and essays right in the Student Detailed Report!

If an assignment or essay is not graded the Approve button will only be shown.

Add students ad-hoc.
If they exist, you can add them. If they do not exist, you can create them.

Complies with FERPA (U.S.) regulations.

Schools contain multi-level reporting views and exports.

Teachers can bulk upload new students.

If students already exists, this upload will not change their records.

Complies with FERPA (U.S.) regulations.

The Head Master can permanently delete classrooms, teachers and students.

Teachers cannot delete classrooms, teachers or students.

Personalized Communication...

Site administrators can create default teacher and student welcome emails used until customers create their own.

Teachers create their own Welcome email templates.

Teachers can post and manage classroom on-screen messages that can be shown anywhere in the web site.

Multiple teachers in a classroom can see other teachers have posted messages.

Teachers can send ad-hoc emails to the classroom.

Advanced Interactive Reporting...

Teachers can monitor each students logins and their activities.

Classroom Detailed Student Reports are globally configurable.

You can turn ON or OFF parts of reports using global selections in the Settings.

Visually clear reports offer detailed activity at a glance.

Classrooms provides convenient, flexible, and extendable reporting.

View detailed LearnDash Quiz statistics.

You can choose to view last attempt or all attempts.

Classroom Reports are globally configurable.

You can set your own colors of the information viewed in reports.

Automatically integrates with ELC Quiz Notifications for LearnDash add-on.
Visit: to learn more.

Teachers have front-end - one click assignment and essay viewing, commenting, and approval.

Use reports anywhere you want.

Classrooms provides convenient, flexible, and extendable reporting.

Use Gravity Forms to create a formal assignment submission, grading, approval, and communications process.

Direct WooCommerce integration...

Organizations can create their own school and choose to make it public or private for seat purchases.

(used with WooCommerce)

Classrooms comes with a multitude of product types; 3 for one time purchases, 3 for subscriptions, and 3 for Variable products.

(used with WooCommerce)

You can create school templates to sell.

(used with WooCommerce)

People can buy access to any classroom in an organization that chooses to be made public.

(used with WooCommerce)

Create and sell "Prefab Schools".
A "PreFab" School is a school purchased that already contains classrooms and courses.

(used with WooCommerce)

Schools, Groups, Group Templates, and Seats support for Woo Subscriptions and Variable products.

(used with WooCommerce)

Teachers can add/purchase seats for their classroom.

(used with WooCommerce)

Classrooms is developer friendly...

Use the available hooks in Classrooms to integrate/automate your membership, email, CRM, WP Fusion, or automation system.

Classrooms contains an extensive templating system.

Add Classrooms page templates to your child-theme and customize them.

Turn On or Off most front end user controls, class roster information, and reporting information using the Classrooms Design controls.

We’re always adding new integrations and hooks to Classrooms.

Classrooms Works with...

1 Site License

$49    /   Year
  • 1 year of email and Zoom support
  • 1 year of updates
  • 1 year of new features

Frequently Asked Questions

Classrooms compliments and contains a direct integration with UnCanny Groups. you can use UnCanny Groups to sell groups and Classrooms to manage and report for them.

Classrooms integrates with BuddyPress groups.

We don't recommend any instructor related plugins unless those plugins create group leader roles rather than non-LearnDash native roles.

Yes, If you already use LearnDash groups, all your existing LearnDash information and configuration will immediately be available.

Classrooms also provides facility to convert regular LearnDash Groups to Classrooms child-groups (which are also native to LearnDash).

If you want to undo any Classrooms you've created in this process, you can undo this action by simply deleting the child-group and you're done.

Because Classrooms for LearnDash directly leverages LearnDash native groups, the added data in your database is minimal.

The plugin adds a license key field to your options table, a number of students field to each primary group and when the primary group leader(s) or any teachers create their personal Welcome Email template, that is added to their user meta data.

Classrooms for LearnDash does not add any further data to your database, therefore does not contribute to the infamous "database bloat" that many other plugins cause.

We're quite proud that we develop our plugins to natively work with LearnDash and other plugins that comply with LearnDash, WooCommerce and WordPress code standards, we design them all to add as little data and queries as possible to your WordPress database.

Nope. You're good to go with LearnDash and Classrooms for LearnDash alone.

Every aspect of this product is able to be translated.
Even all the information in the plugins Settings page is translatable. The plugin is also set so if you already have WordPress translations or WordPress installed in your native language, it should pick up most words from that.

I like using Loco Translate or Translate Press to translate, but any translation plugin will work.

In your LearnDash course Settings, you've set each course to " Open ", they need to be set to " Free " or greater.
LearnDash always puts " Open " courses in everyone's profile.

You  would not want to use this plugin if you auto-enroll students into groups because that process puts them all into the primary group.
This will show all users in all groups to all classrooms.

LearnDash is not natively SCORM or xAPI compliant.
Collecting and reporting xAPI data in LearnDash is reliant on 3rd. party plugins such as our xAPI for LearnDash plugin.

If you're interested in advanced LearnDash and xAPI reporting, we suggest checking out xAPI for LearnDash. Beyond it's many amazing question creation, custom tracking, visibility and reporting features, we've included an onboard reporting system that'll blow your mind!

As for SCORM, you may want to see if you can republish your SCORM courses to xAPI. Unfortunately, the SCORM standard reached end-of-life in November, 2017.

Yes. This plugin can be installed in a WPMU (WordPress Multi-site installation) setup.

Licensing is on a per-site basis for support purposes so we ask that you purchase a license for each site you will use it in.

Depending on how complex the new features are, some will come out frequently while others will take more time. As with most product developers, we don't commit to specific dates for new features, but we do plan our activities and these features, taking an organized approach with our client projects and our product development.
Beyond new features, this plugin, as with all good developers plugins, will be updated when a bug is exposed, when we've discovered a vulnerability, when WordPress or LearnDash have been updated and this product needs to be updated to comply with those changes.

Development of plugins takes a great deal of time. This is time we could spend working on projects for paying clients, but instead, we choose to help you out by providing what would normally be very costly software development at very reasonable prices in the form of our products.
In fact, when you purchase this product, you're not really paying for the development cost. These costs are already our sunk costs, so what you're actually doing is helping fund our efforts to:

  1. keep the product optimally working with WordPress and LearnDash updates
  2. add new features to the product, and
  3. you're paying for any of our excellent support you may need going forward with the product.

Yes, this product will continue working if you cancel your subscription, however, you will no longer receive new features, bug fixes, product updates or support once cancelled. You will see the license key warning in your dashboard.
You can also cancel your subscriptions direction in our web site. no need to go to the payment system provider.

If you're having problems with the product, you'll find our support is exceptional and fast. If it's just not possible to correct and issue, or it's just not a good fit for you, we have a 30 day no questions asked return policy where you will receive a full refund.

Change Log

  • Added a Gravity Forms direct integration process for LearnDash Assignments for Lessons and Topics.
  • Applied Grade / Resubmit / Approved statuses to LearnDash assignments for Lessons and Topics.

  • Added array of new Design tab options.
  • Fixed Essay scoring not showing due to LearnDash 4.1.1 update.
  • Added new Global lock function example to Developer tab.
  • Fixed issue of wc_get_products undefined method.
  • Updated radio button switch CSS in admin pages.
  • Fixed prefab school seat issue.
  • Updated the add seats updating process.

  • Fixed WooCommerce issue where customer also becomes group leader.
  • Updated code for PHP8.
  • If BuddyBoss Platform plugin is active, you can now activate BuddyBoss groups creation for schools and / or classrooms.
  • Added new WooCommerce School Group product type for predefined school packages to be sold.
  • Added new WooCommerce Variable and Subscription products.
  • Changed username field to accept emails or default WordPress username formats.
  • Added course completion dates to CSV exports.
  • Added See all users to Teachers drop-down when selecting User already exists in modal.
  • Updated School and Seat purchase products so people can search for courses.
  • Refactored Course and Group lists in Woo Product pages.

  • Added direct WooCommerce integration.

  • Added new Classrooms migration feature (revertable)
  • Updated POT file to translate new Convert button for migration feature
  • Added teacher_username merg-code to global Teacher Welcome Email settings

  • Added Essay grading, viewing and commenting.
  • Added Assignment Commenting.

  • If the headmaster is the leader of many groups, a new Groups drop-down menu will let the user switch between schools for managing and reporting. Administrators will also have this access without the need to become a group leader.
  • Many new hooks.
  • School level reports get an Export CSV button.
  • Global Teacher and Student Welcome email templates.

  • Added optional integration with UnCanny Groups plugin.
  • Added new hooks and sample code for developers to integrate Classrooms with other systems.

  • Added new Assignment scoring feature into Detailed Student Report.
  • Fixed bug that blocked existing teachers form being seen when adding classrooms.

  • Fix Quiz statistics for course quizzes.
  • Reapply 6 panels in Settings page.
  • Add new admin Settings tab with new global feature to force teachers to count against used seats (default = OFF)
  • New Primary Group Level feature to allow X number of Teachers to not use seats (default = 0)

Added a Student Lock that blocks students from continuing their course until the teacher unlocks them. this is set on a per student / per course basis.

  • School and teacher reports are now also available in their own shortcodes
  • Lesson and Topic titles are now clickable and open their respective posts in a new tab
  • Added new Statistics icon into report. This icon opens the LearnDash students profile statistics modal.

  • Added new [lt_classroom] shortcode so the plugin can be used inside any page or post in your site.
  • Added new school and teacher level summary report for all classrooms.
  • Added new feature that lets a teacher also become a student.
  • Added new feature for headmaster to permanently delete classrooms, teachers and students in the web site where version 1.0.0 only removed them from the classroom. If a classroom contains teachers or students, a warning will stop you from deleting the classroom until they are removed.

Initial release.