The WordPress LMS is a mobile-first turn-key solution, the best solution that removes all limits, adds learning integration and allows you full control over your Learning platform at the lowest possible cost.

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xAPI LMS is more that just an LMS.

Using this mobile-first hosted product doesn’t just provide you a place to serve your learners, it provides you all the tools necessary to manage your learners training life-cycle at lightening speeds.

Why choose the xAPI LMS?

  • Unlike any other LMS, xAPI LMS works with WordPress WooCommerce but does not store information in your WordPress database
  • xAPI LMS stores your learning records in a database architecture designed to be up to 8,000 times faster than WordPress can provide.
  • Most WordPress LMS systems bog down your WordPress website with all the overhead plugins, configuration and learners records.
  • As with all Learning-Templates products, xAPI LMS does not use other plugins.
  • xAPI LMS moves all learners records into the most high-performance database architecture on the market.
  • Many hosting companies charge $100.00 per month or more to host business websites, add to that, the cost of a Learning Management System (LMS) platform and your usually paying $200.00 per month or more to serve your courses. Most vendors then add a per-user-per-month fee to those costs.
  • xAPI LMS costs $100.00 to set up and integrates with your WordPress WooCommerce stoare if you purchase the monthly subscription, and is free to setup if you purchase longer subscriptions.
  • Once setup, you can choose any WordPress theme you like.

Interested in a turn-key WordPress and xAPI-LMS site so you can serve and sell your own courses at reasonable cost?

Beyond the cost, most LMS platforms have limited customization abilities, such as customizing your login screen, uploading your logo, and changing your color scheme… It’s not an ideal situation because, even after that, you will need to somehow synchronize your users or setup some sort of data synchronization.

If you can eliminate all the styling and integration issues while also removing the high costs associated with hosting, would that be a better solution?

  • xAPI LMS is a turn-key solution, we offer the best solution for all your learning development and service requirements.
  • xAPI LMS removes all limits, adds learning integration, is natively mobile ready and allows you full control over your learning platform at the lowest possible cost.
  • Using the xAPI technology natively, xAPI LMS is also readily available for your offline user requirements.
  • xAPI-LMS includes Storyline2+, Capitvate9+, Lectora and YouTube video tracking so you do not need a programmer to do anything.
  • Further integration is found with the xAPI-LMS WooCommerce secure integration where xAPI-LMS collects Woocommerce confirmed orders and allows you to assign performance support material, courses, and video lessons to your WordPress users.
  • Another great advantage of the xAPI LMS is that all data and reporting are held in a high performance Mongo database.
  • The advantages Mongo databases have over the traditional WordPress databases are speed and scalability.
  • WordPress uses a database called MySQL, a Mongo database is up to 8,000 times faster than a MySQL database and is scalable to serve thousands of learning records at the same speed as a single record.

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