TIN CAN Manager – Trial Edition


This free product is only able to be used with your 30 free trial subscription to our LRS.



This free product does not come with an LRS subscription.

What is TIN CAN Manager?

This free version of TIN CAN Manager does not include Smart Course Uploads or an LRS subscription.

If you need to upload your courses into your WordPress site, please see our TIN CAN Manager – Basic Edition.

If your interested in tracking, reporting and analysis for your WordPress hosted eLearning or other remote web based resources as well as having uploaded and linked e-learning courses, please see our 1 Year LRS Subscription / TIN CAN Manager.

TIN CAN Manager is a WordPress plugin that lets you upload, connect to, launch and track your eLearning courses from within your WordPress site and anywhere else on the internet.
TIN CAN Manager works with any Learning Record Store (LRS) so users can launch courses and report their activities to your LRS.
Leveraging xAPI experiences that conform to the latest Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) specifications, TIN CAN Manager ensures your learners activities are able to be recorded whether the learning is online or offline.
By using TIN CAN Manager in your WordPress site, you can launch courses, websites, document services, social networks and other TIN CAN enabled resources and report the users experiences to your Learning Record Store (LRS).


What Makes TIN CAN Manager Stand Out


TIN CAN Manager in unison with your remote LRS create a package scaled for individuals and small businesses that need to serve courses without having to bog-down your own server or having to scale your server to handle large amounts of data. Using this package removes the requirement for an LMS and lets you control who can or cannot use your courses.
Weather you are serving a single course for a few months, or serving many course continuously, TIN CAN Manager together with your remote LRS will serve your needs perfectly while removing the server and technical aspects associated with storing and reporting xAPI statements.

Furthermore, TIN CAN manager lets you rewrite activity ID’s letting you link the course reporting to your own URL’s. You may not realize it, but this fixes a great deal of 404 errors inherent to most eLearning courses.

Lightweight and flexible:

TIN CAN Manager is:

  • a stand-alone plugin – it does not require other plugins to work
  • the most lightweight WordPress TIN CAN Plugin on the market
  • able to upload and launch Articulate, Adobe and Lectora xAPI published courses
  • able to launch web based resources (such as web pages, PDF files and web apps)  from any internet location
  • able to launch eLearning from other vendors sites, so you can resell courses
  • the least complicated, simplest to use product in it’s class

Watch these videos to see just how easy it is to install, configure, and use.

Now try a sample course to see the Learners experience.

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TIN CAN Manager is Independent…

TIN CAN Manager works with no dependencies.

By default, using TIN CAN Manager, your courses will open in a new Tab or Window…

If you want your eLearning courses to open in a Lightbox window rather than a new tab or window, install any lightbox plugin (as long as the plugin uses the rel=”lightbox” selector, it will work with TIN CAN Manager. This is an option – not a requirement – if you want your course to display in a Lightbox while in WordPress or any website with Lightbox installed.

To summarize, TIN CAN Manager stands out by being:

  1. The lowest cost purchase of a TIN CAN plugin with the lowest flat-rate cost LRS service on the market
  2. The only WordPress eLearning plugin that lets you send eLearning course links by email, or embed them into non-WordPress websites.
  3. No dependencies
  4. No requirement for other systems or plugins beyond any ADL Compliant LRS
  5. The ONLY WordPress TIN CAN plugin that lets you launch and track your eLearning courses from anywhere on the internet
  6. The ONLY WordPress TIN CAN plugin that lets you rewrite you verb URLs

Want More?

Purchase TIN CAN Manager – Basic Edition and you’ll get smart course uploads.

Smart course uploads gives you:

A course upload facility so you can upload your ZIPped TIN-CAN courses directly into WordPress.

Next, it reads the course information in your uploaded course ZIP file and populates that critical information into the Course URL and Activity ID fields.

  • This provides you facility to correct any publish settings a developer may have incorrectly set in the course.
    • An Example of correct publish settings (for Storyline) would be:
      • Course URL: http://lms.learning-templates.com/wp-content/uploads/courses/My Course – Storyline output/story.html
      • Activity ID: http://adlnet.gov/expapi/activities/course
    • If the developer has incorrectly entered information in the Activity ID, this would cause a course to not properly report the information, so you can correct it without developer intervention

If you attempt to add a course with that already exists, TIN CAN Manager detects this and automatically changes the Create Course button to Update Course.

When you delete a course, TIN CAN Manager cleans it up by deleting the course from your WordPress site.

Note: This does not delete your reporting records, so you have not lost data.


To update TIN CAN Manager from the Trial Edition to the Basic Edition, simply:

  1. deactivate and delete your existing TIN CAN Manage plugin (your course information will not be deleted)
  2. upload your new tincan-manager.zip file
  3. activate the new TIN CAN Manager plugin, and
  4. enter your LRS Settings information.

To install TIN CAN Manger for the first time, simple perform steps 2 to 4 above.


With TIN CAN Managers features, you can:

  1. Upload courses directly into your WordPress site
  2. Easily update, manage and delete the uploaded courses
  3. Share your uploaded courses with other WordPress sites (via copy and paste of preview URL)
  4. Add courses from other sites (simply do not upload a course – just add the URL and Activity ID of the linked course)