ClickFunnels-Stripe 2 LifterLMS Plugin


ClickFunnel-Stripe 2 LifterLMS is a WordPress plugin that automates the whole user registration process for your LifterLMS platform as well as memberships and courses.

Although identical to the Stripe 2 LifterLMS plugin in every aspect, this plugin is fine tuned to accept information formatted from the CkickFunnel platform.


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ClickFunnels-Stripe 2 LifterLMS lets you automatically register users to your LifterLMS memberships and courses.

Create your ClickFunnels sales forms and the forms will take care of the purchase, then LifterLMS will send the User their WordPress welcome email if you choose.

If you use LifterLMS engagement emails, the user will also receive that email.

If a refund is issued from Stripe, ClickFunnels-Stripe 2 LifterLMS will automatically remove the user from WordPress, remove them from LifterLMS yet keep their training records in case of dispute.

ClickFunnels-Stripe 2 LifterLMS works with Memberships alone, or Membership and Course Access Plans.

ClickFunnels-Stripe 2 LifterLMS automates your user management and registration.



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